• Image of Southsea 78 Hoodie
  • Image of Southsea 78 Hoodie

Fresh in the Southsea Skatepark store!

Available in the classic black and white and charcoal w/ White Southsea78 Graphic!

Southsea Skatepark was born in 1978.

Drawing inspiration from the skateparks being built in Southern California during that time period.

We celebrate the history of Southsea Skatepark with this new american football style "Southsea 78" hoodie design.

Many of the locals refer to the park as Southsea these days and the skatepark opened in 1978, hence "Southsea78".

The front of the hoodie has a small "Southsea 78", big logo on the back.

Hoodie also features pocket for your iPod or Phone, plus thumb holes on the sleeves.